Who Are The Top TMJ Specialists?

TMJ disorder is a disorder or dysfunction of the bones, tendons, muscles or nerves in the area of the jaw joint. It is a very common medical condition. It affects over 75 million Americans and many more worldwide. Unfortunately, there are not many highly qualified TMJ dentists in the industry.


Why you need TMJ Specialists?
Regular dentists may be able to easily identify the TMJ disorder as the source of your jaw or tooth pain. But, he is ill equipped to treat it. This is because the TMJ disorder requires highly specialized diagnostic techniques as well as treatment options. There are a number of treatment options out there for TMJ disorder including TMJ physical therapy and TMJ orthodontics. A dentist may not be able to provide you the best treatment option for your condition.

Doctors, on the other hand, may be consulted if the TMJ disorder causes pain in the neck, head, shoulder or back area of the patient. But, apart from not being able to provide the correct diagnoses and treatment, doctors may not even be able to identify the source of the problem. Hence, TMJ treatment is best left to top TMJ specialists.


Top TMJ Specialists
Unfortunately for a condition that is very common, there are not many top TMJ specialists in the country. A TMJ specialist is someone who is a highly qualified dentist as well as a specialist in treating TMJ disorder. A TMJ specialist is someone who keeps up with advancing technology and uses the latest and most effective techniques to diagnose and treat TMJ disorder. A TMJ specialist does not rely on guesswork in identifying the best form of treatment for your TMJ pain. He is someone who employs the best available treatment options available that suit the need of the patient perfectly.


Dr. Eddie Siman
Dr. Eddie Siman has undergone advanced studies and expert training at the prestigious Las Vegas Institute (LVI) institute for TMJ and full-mouth reconstruction dentistry. But, it is not his qualifications that have made him known worldwide as a top TMJ specialist. It is his commitment to treat TMJ disorder permanently that earns him this honor. He methods and techniques are dictated by his commitment. He uses only the very best and latest techniques to diagnose and treat TMJ disorder.


Dr. Siman’s Methods
To begin with, Dr. Eddie Siman identifies masticatory muscle activity as well as the path of movement the jaw follows by using advanced techniques. He uses this information to find the most relaxed position for the jaw and helps provide quick pain relief to his patients. He will then identify the best treatment option depending upon the severity of your condition. He is also equipped to perform full mouth reconstruction surgery if that is what is required to permanently treat the condition. His spends considerable energy in ensuring that his patients are as comfortable as possible during the course of his treatment. For a top TMJ specialist like Dr. Eddie Siman, it is worth traveling around the world to receive his medical attention.

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